Rebecca is an award-winning attorney who takes the time to ensure that her clients are able to make informed decisions while maintaining dignity throughout the legal process. With experience and a keen eye for detail, you can be confident Rebecca will give your case the attention it deserves.

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Divorce is personal. You need to feel comfortable with the attorney you hire. If you find yourself facing this daunting process, trust Baer Family Law to ease your mind and guide you in the right direction. At Baer Family Law, you will never face judgment. Rebecca takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to divorce as she genuinely wants to see her clients and their children thrive moving forward. Rebecca vehemently advocates for her clients to ensure their legal rights are protected and their best interests are met. She will thoroughly discuss every aspect of your case with you and provide you with the legal knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Rebecca is candid and will set realistic and reasonable expectations for you so that you are less likely to be surprised or disappointed with your outcome.


If you and your spouse desire an amicable, non-litigious, respectful end to your marriage, Collaborative Divorce may be right for you. Rebecca R. Baer is a trained Collaborative Divorce attorney and believes Collaborative Divorce can be a positive solution for many families facing the unfortunate breakdown of a marriage. Collaborative Divorce is client-driven and, thus, agreements reached through the process often lead to more overall satisfaction and sustainability for families and their children than traditional litigation. Find more information about Collaborative Divorce at Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota.

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